Leon Rode

student && software developer

I design and develop modern experiences using a variety of technologies.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Leon, a student in New York and an aspiring computer scientist and software engineer.

I've been on the programming journey for over eight years, starting out writing the most basic Python programs, and currently crafting digital experiences to solve real problems.

I worked as a freelancer for seven months, during which I completed multiple orders and received a cumulative five-star rating.

I also run an Instagram account in which I share my growth as a developer through new tips and knowledge.

Aside from the internet, I enjoy playing Jazz piano, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

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Westchester Covid Tracker

an interactive tool to view COVID-19 case trends within municipalities of Westchester County, NY. It began tracking data since November 2020, a few months into the pandemic, and continues to publish new data daily

next.jsmongodbawspython 3



a prototype mathematics studying website focused on unlimited, fast-paced practice.


Sports Photo Gallery

a display of hundreds of photos in an event-by-event basis, allowing users to filter and sort the events in a given year


Disturb the Noize

an online platform to connect musical talents with producers and entrepreneurs in the music industry.


SoloChess Solver

solves Chess.com's SoloChess game mode by recursively building a solution to the puzzles and displaying a list of moves to solve the puzzles


Contact Me

Always open to new opportunities, or just questions in general! Feel free to leave a message!

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